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Terms and Conditions

All pictures, text and contents used by Soft Microsystems in the website will be for developments and demonstration purpose only, and must be change by client. Soft Microsystems will not be responsible for any pictures, text and contents copyright issues used in the websites, as it is strongly advised to replace them with the actual.

Soft Microsystems will only work and sign agreement with clients who are aged 18 and above.
Any website, applications, source code, pictures, design and contents remain the property of the Soft Microsystems, until all outstanding payments are paid in full.
The client has to make available the required materials and information as soon to complete the task within agreed set deadline. Failing to do so, Soft Microsystems will not be liable to complete the tasks within agreed set deadline.
Soft Microsystems will not be responsible for any loss in business or earnings, if the deadlines could not be met within the set agreed time.
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